U-Pass Synthetic Urine

U-Pass Synthetic Urine


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U-Pass Synthetic Urine

U-Pass Synthetic Urine knows what you want to hear from your employer: You Pass. The best synthetic urine helps its customers get ahead in life. U-Pass Synthetic Urine helps you live a free life in work and play.

“Credit Reports”

Life used to be much more simple before credit reports and drug tests. It seems like the corporations want to follow you everywhere. Credit reports can determine whether you can buy insurance, live in an apartment or get a job.

Drug tests are filtering into every nook and cranny of our lives. Many people wonder –

can synthetic urine be detected? No. Most employee drug tests are low-quality and unreliable. U-Pass Synthetic Urine has concocted a great formula for mirroring real pee. The best synthetic urine empowers you to regain control of your life.

“Variation in Boxes”

Just like any industry, the synthetic urine market goes through changes. U-Pass Synthetic Urine has gone through ownership changes as seen by its different boxes. The older XHale box is blue and orange. The newer Safeguard box resembles a student’s report card in a white, purple, black and red box.

Can synthetic urine be detected? No. The best synthetic urine products are surviving and inferior products are disappearing. The U-Pass Synthetic Urine package includes a 2-ounce urine sample, two heat pads and a temperature strip. U-Pass is thinking ahead – two heat pads are better, in case one fails.

“Protecting Your Privacy”

Can synthetic urine be detected? The synthetic pee market answers the question with

a “No.” Keep your medical history and genetic information private with U-Pass Synthetic Urine. The best synthetic urine keeps you safe.

U-Pass Synthetic Urine is version 8.1 showing that it has been around for awhile. The best synthetic urine is advanced. Few synthetic urine products label their versions. U-Pass Synthetic pee stands out.

“Pre-Mixed Laboratory Urine”

U-Pass Synthetic Urine is pre-mixed laboratory urine for research and novelty use. It is toxin-free with a shelf life of 2 years. There is no need to freeze this product. The best synthetic urine does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Can synthetic urine be detected? No. It is a superior product.

U-Pass Synthetic Urine is a well-known trusted product. It replicates the creatinine, specific gravity and pH level for real urine to pass the Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry tests. Can synthetic urine be detected? No. The development of more advanced versions of these products shows that they are successful.

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