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Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus

Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus delivers satisfactory testing results in a short amount of time for busy people. The best synthetic urine is made for specific customer needs. Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus has been a solid standard for synthetic urine reviews comparing different products.

“Brand Name Recognition”

Coca-Cola, Google, Apple and Microsoft are brands that have significant name recognition around the world. They have delivered excellent product or services to their customers. The consumers know quality when they see it.

Newer synthetic urine brands compare themselves to Spectrum’s Quick Fix products. They want to be known as the best synthetic urine. Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus receives great grades from synthetic urine reviews.

“Versions Assignment”

Advanced brands, like Spectrum Labs, go a step beyond their competitors. Unlike other brands, Spectrum Labs assigns numbers to its products, like the 5.7 version. This helps consumers differentiate between old and new products.

Synthetic urine reviews give Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus high marks. This is considered the best synthetic urine by its fans. Quick Fix Plus is a new-and-improved version with 3 ounces of synthetic urine.

“Well-Established Company”

Since 1992, the Urine Luck brand has been manufactured by Spectrum Labs. Spectrum also makes the Absolute Detox Drink. Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus is made by a company with a great pedigree. The best synthetic urine is made by an accomplished firm.

Spectrum Labs provides testing aids to consumers and businesses. Quick Fix Plus is used to calibrate drug testing equipment, so it must be good. Synthetic urine reviews support Spectrum’s claims of high quality.

“Supplied For Success”

Quick Fix Plus includes a 3-ounce bottle of patented, premixed laboratory urine, temperature strip and heating pad. Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus is one of a few synthetic urine products claiming to be “patented.” The best synthetic urine has a scientifically-proven formula and excellent instructions.

Synthetic urine reviews emphasize formula consistency for successful tests. Quick Fix Plus has consistent creatinine, specific gravity and pH levels in it. It has a shelf life of 2 and 1/2 years, which is slightly longer than the competition.

“Enjoy Your Life”

Modern society has become so regimented that it is difficult to enjoy your life. Quick Fix Plus is an easy-and-effective synthetic urine product that delivers clean test readings. The best synthetic urine helps you live a great life.

Spectrum Labs offers a 100% money back guarantee. Consumers have excellent success rates when using Spectrum’s Quick Fix Plus. It is very popular.

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