Magnum Clean Stream Synthetic Urine

Magnum’s Clean Stream


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Product Description

Magnum’s Clean Stream

Magnum’s Clean Stream delivers drug-free synthetic urine that looks like the real deal. This is how to pass a urine test with clean results. The Web is where to buy synthetic urine in the modern age.

“Can’t Beat a Mountain-Fresh Stream”

No matter where you go, you can’t beat a mountain-fresh stream for purity. The clean and fresh liquid flows from areas unadulterated by man. The clean natural water stream is devoid of harmful, man-made chemicals.

Magnum’s Clean Stream includes a vinyl bladder with 5 ounces of pre-filled synthetic urine, 2 heating pads and a temperature strip. It has an authentic appearance to fool any urinalysis. This is how to pass a urine test. You need to know where to buy synthetic urine to protect your lifestyle.

“No Need to Fumble”

People can get nervous when taking drug tests. They wouldn’t want a synthetic urine device with too many steps to fumble with. Magnum’s Clean Stream pre-filled synthetic urine is ready-to-go and makes it easy to take a urine test.

Magnum’s Clean Stream is a gravity-operated, adjustable bladder belt for monitored tests. It delivers the synthetic urine through a rubber tube hidden under your clothing. This is how to pass a urine test in the modern age. Just remove the two clips and the synthetic urine flows out. Find out where to buy synthetic urine now.

“Don’t Microwave”

Magnum warns customers not to microwave the pre-filled bladder. Use the enclosed Magnum heat pad by opening the package and shaking. The Magnum heat pad lasts 9 hours. Place the pad between the bladder and waistband to warm specimen to between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Magnum’s Clean Stream is packaged in a purple container. This novelty item is for use by adults. Magnum’s Clean Stream lasts two years on the shelf. Magnum’s Clean Stream is how to pass a urine test.

“Carefully Follow Instructions for Good Results”

This is how to pass a urine test if you are male or female. Give yourself about an hour before any test to prepare the Clean Stream device. Carefully follow instructions. Check temperature strip. Online sites are where to buy synthetic urine because they are discreet with your order.

Magnum has a solid product with consumers providing positive reviews. Online resources show where to buy synthetic urine. Magnum offers a double your money back guarantee. This advanced synthetic urine product shows that the manufacturers understand the market. This is how to pass a urine test in the modern age.

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